I layed all the cards on the table and he didn't even reply?

I finally told him how I felt after I rejected his marriage proposal before and all... I finally admitted to him how I really felt, that I love him and I was so sorry and I finally explained everything leading up to this point... after 8 years of friendship and asking me to marry him... not talking for a year... discussing meeting up to have sex again and finally discuss feelings face to face.. I just sent him the e mail yesterday and he has ignored me since... could he be taking time to think about it, still not trusting... still hurt , waiting till im in town this weekend to talk or just doesn't care at all?


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  • He has to check his hand before he makes his move
    Not sure why you rejected him, but you may have blown it. As hard as that is to hear, he may have moved on.
    Did you tell him all of this in the email? You should have told him "I love you" in one of the many years you were together

    • I rejected him because I was scared and wasn't ready to move home and face all my family problems... I told him I loved him all the time

    • Got to wait and see how he responds I guess


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  • you sound manipulative and selfish. he'd be best to keep away from you if her were smart.

    • Manipulative how

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    • We haven't had sex in years... I rejected him because I wasn't ready ready to move home and face my family problems... I ran away from the town. I told him that... I couldnt tell him what problems but I made sure I told him I loved him... he thought I lead him on all these years and that's not he case

    • i'd say you need to take some time to reflect and put your life into context. maybe you are a bit neurotic and just need to figure things out inwardly. to do that you shouldn't get involved with people outside of yourself.

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  • He's probably taking some time to decide if he wants to respond and, if so, what he wants to say. Being turned down for a marriage proposal is a huuuuuge kick to the ego and not an easy thing to get over.

  • maybe he hasn't seen it or he's thinking of his reply or this is his revenge lol