Am I unattractive?

I've been single since I was 16 and am now 23. Believe it or not, in spite of what ever prejudice you have twords men, I value a relationship with women more than sex. I want to wait until marriage to have sex. Im always respectful, loving ( seeing peoples value and worth ) and overall kind. However, im not a "nice guy." I will stand for the truth even though it may offend someone. This is my personality. However these things don't seem to mean anything to women. Im friendly and smile, and have a conversation with girls, but they dont seem to find me attractive at all. It kind of sucks, because I can't read minds. However, it would make since to show subtile cues to let someone know that they think your attractive so you can make a move. I've been single for so long that I'm starting to lose hope completely. I don't talk to women as much as i used to. I wouldn't dare hit on then them either; Id rather die then be seen as creepy. So what's the deal? Please try be nice and understanding. Being a jerk isn't going to help me here.


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  • Ts not creepy to ask a girl out or for her number. Unless she's taken then you better WALK AWAY. guys done that to me. I say i have a bf they dont leave me alone inly then will it become creepy. And the only way to get girls is to make the first move. i can't stress that enough. you can message me if you want ill be more than happy to tell you how its done :)


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  • Well you really need to get to know more people including guys this way you start building up a reputation

    • Reputation. It doesn't matter what people think if they are wrong. Besides, everything they need to know about me I already express.

  • In my opinion you are quite unattractive

    • How so? What about my personality is attractive?

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    • Your title says "Am i unattractive" i said in my opinion you are i thought opinions on whether you're attractive or not was the whole point of your question? You're just not my type looks wise your personality seems decent though

    • The question reguarded my personality not my looks. Well thank you, now I no why no women like me, its because im ugly.

  • Based on you're avatar... no. You're pretty cute.
    You totally lost me at "not a nice guy"

    • Nah im not cute. I mean nice guy as just being nice to get something from someone. Thats not nice thats lust. Love is when you are kind unconditionally and im not afraid to love people. Seriously what am i dong wrong?

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    • Really? Its not something you can go out and buy you know.

    • Telling me to get some selfesteem does not help. You telling me that defeats the perpose of responding to this question.

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