I feel like im not getting enough sex from my boyfriend. Have other ladies ever felt this way?

i feel like the media culture likes to make it seem like the men have all the issues getting enough sex from their significant other. But for me, this is the complete opposite.
I have been dating my current bf for 6 months now. While he truly is a wonderful person who treats me so so well, i feel like the bedroom scene is lacking. Dont get me wrong, he has no problem getting it up. I just want to get it on more often than he does. I have been turned down for sex a couple times, and honestly, it leaves me feeling sexually frustrated! For instance, we were watching tv. I wanted to get it on but he said he was too tired. Were supposed to be in the "honeymoon" stage where we can't keep our hands off each other. When we do have sex, its mindblowing. I just need more! Lol
Any other ladies out there that can relate?


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  • You only get what you deserve.


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  • I have been there! It sucks! And out of complete desperation I decided to kick things up a notch. I stopped trying to have sex entirely. However, I started dressing in cute lingerie and flaunting myself in front of him. At first it started with him just looking at me every time I moved but then it got to the point where he couldn't keep his hands off of me. Now our sex life if amazing and we have been together for five years since. He still can't keep his hands off of me.


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  • Say "we need to talk." It'll get him scared and alert. Then go on about how wonderful he is in bed and how badly you want him inside of you all of the time. If he doesn't want to sex all of the time after that, then I cannot relate to this man.


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  • try having a serious talk about it!