Should I text him? Will he think I am smothering him?

This guy and I have been unofficially going out for a few weeks, but we have been friends for a few months now. It is spring break and we have no plans to see each other or anything which is fine.
I texted him the day he left (Friday) to tell him to have a good trip to New York. He was only going to be in New York from Friday to Monday so I figured he would be too busy to text. I was planning on just seeing if he would text me first, but he hasn't yet and I'm getting impatient.
Should I text him or just wait until we get back from break? If you can, please give a reason for your answer

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So I did text him last night, but he didn't respond. I am not sure if he is ignoring me or just looked at it and fell asleep (which has happened a few times). Usually if that happens though, he will eventually text back with an apology. I haven't gotten one of those texts yet. Any ideas what is going on? Am I just overthinking?


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  • How long had it been since you last texted him?

    • Friday

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    • Nah. It just shows him that you care. It won't be too much. :)

    • Ok. I guess now. Just wait. Keep yourself busy with other things. :)