Do you think she still cares about me?

We never dated, I guess it was just a fling that lasted a few years.

I cut contact with her to protect myself and my feelings; we haven't spoken to each other in a year.

I saw her last summer and at one point she asked a group of people that she'd catch them up and was waiting for me. She didn't speak to me but she waited until I took some money out and walked slightly in front of me till we caught up with the rest of them.

Do you think she still cares?


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  • Maybe.. she wants to talk to you or she wants you to approach her and start a conversation. girls once may have full confidence and will put effort and then suddenly drop hard if they felt they will not receive anything from the guy.. she maybe showing you that she is availble for talking..


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  • obviously you still have feelings for her, otherwise you won't be posting and asking this question... why don't you just tell her, if you don't ask her you will never find out

    • I *lost* contact with her. I have no idea how to reach her.

What Guys Said 1

  • maybe... but since you mentioned money... i'm kinda of afraid that she might be after them :-/