Men what makes you fall in love? Does a really high attraction to a woman lead to love?

What makes you more likely to fall in love with a woman. of course their needs attraction but does a higher attraction mean a higher chance of falling in love?


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  • I'm sorry but you think way too much of guys ability to think about such things, we are not in a relationship and getting a lightbulb moment like on cartoons, we do not think about it we just fall in love or we don't. i fell in love, i cannot tell you how, i cannot tell you when, all i know is that i did, i don't care how or when, as i am sure most guys are the same, we just know when we have gotten there, we are not much aware of how we got there lol. the woman i love to me is the most amazing and most beautiful woman in the world, i cannot say what it is that makes her so beautiful, or so amazing but all together that is how she is to me. and as a guy i am happy with that, i am not going to break it down to little parts and reasons, happy with the whole package. not interested in knowing why. just happy


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  • it leads to sex and other fun stuff before actual real love.

    when you say high attraction im thinking mainly physical.

  • Respect and trust are likely the biggest factors to make me love someone. Some physical attraction is needed for me to not just see them as a friend, but physical attraction alone is not enough for me to fall in love.


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