Girls, I need help. please?

It will be really short.
This girl told me that i am hot, she said she likes me and she ALWAYS laugh at every single word that comes out of my mouth.
A few days ago, i got her number, we texted for like, i don't know , around 5 hours straight. Then the next day i told her to meet me at the park, we walked together and talked then i got her back to my place to watch a movie. It was perfect. I was thinking one more date and i would ask her to be my girlfriend but then PUFF!.

She gave me her phone once to go to the toilet, and a guy texted her. I looked throught the chat and she seems to be enjoying him just as much as she enjoys me.

Is this guy the one she likes and i am just a friend? I mean, I looked throught the texts and about 3 days ago he asked her if she loves him and she no. But if she doesn't like him why would she text him?


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  • ask her to be sure.

    • I dont wanna seem over protective even before our releationship. Wouldn't it give her a bad idea of what it could be like with me?

    • no, why would it.

    • Because i am asking to stop texting a guy when in reality me and her are not official yet?

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  • Ask her if she's seeing anyone else if she lies about not seeing anyone else since youve seen conversations like that in her phone then discard the relationship


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  • Hey bruh, i have been where you were and trust me, it is usually just a guy "friend" not even friends just a guy she texts when she is bored and the guy thinks he has a chance. You have to be more confident in the fact that she said u were hot and she is ok with going back to ur place after 4 days of meeting her !

  • You might be getting played.