Boy friend issues?

Okay, so I have a boyfriend and well I also have this best friend she is drop dead gorgeous. She has a boyfriend too. Well my boyfriend constantly flirts with her and I'm getting sick of it. I mean I don't look like her she's tall blonde and very skinny. But don't worry she eats a ton. But I've talked to him about it and he doesn't stop. She flirts with him and he flirts with her and her boyfriend and I sit back and watch it happen. When we hang out we talk about how it bothers us. What should I do to stop this flirting?


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  • Either tell him that you'll break up with him if he doesn't quit, or you and that blonde girl's boyfriend start flirting with each other in front of them and see how they like it.


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  • Flirt with her boyfriend. Two can play that games!

  • Maybe you're not communicating just how much this bothers you.
    Carrot and stick approach? Tell him when you're all going to hangout that if he doesn't that you'll reward him somehow.


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