Why does it seem like every other guy gets the girl they want?

And without even trying, so easily! But me, nope, I friggin get no one, HAHAHA, NO ONE, NO ONE, NO ONE!!! Every girl I like, poof, gets taken by another dude! I swear, I wish I could steal away their happiness, force them to feel the misery I've felt for the past 13 years of my life! Well, maybe not as miserable as I truly was, BUT I WISH I COULD STEAL AWAY THEIR HAPPINESS, I mean, WHY DO I DESERVE TO BE MISERABLE ALL THE TIME!!! Everybody else, EVERYBODY, sure, I joke around a bit, have joked about being a sociopath in the past, but I try to be nice and talkative, I make this front of some happy, nice, and even somewhat naive guy, HA, I'm a genius and they don't even know!!! I'M NOT NAIVE, but I try to be nice and talkative, but I'm so f*cking sad and angry, why me, I didn't ask to be black, why me, always me, WHY?


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  • Yes, you suck, we know. Nothing new there.

    • Dammit, I forgot to stop anonymous assholes from posting.

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    • Isn't that something you should have done some time ago?

    • One should always be open to his own advice.


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  • Because yours will be special and it will take a little bit of time

  • Well I know you said you try to be nice and talkative, but maybe this underlying attitude that you posted here shows through and it's sorta hard to want to be with someone who can't be happy with himself and is angry at the world because of that

    • You don't understand, I'm so fucking sick of being lonely, if it weren't for my fucking therapist I'd drill through my head to stop being lonely.

    • Thanks for assuming what I understand. You really don't know me like that. Learn to be strong and happy by yourself and your life will get a whole lot better

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  • I'm in the same shit-filled boat man. I think it's something to do with our own actions, but I can't figure out what it is besides bad luck.

    But I'm not black.