My first kiss help?

so i got my first boyfriend about 4 months ago and im 14 and we hold hands and stuff but we haven't ever kissed and he's tried a few times but he got to nervous and stopped i dont think he knows that i noticed but its my first kiss and im nervous also so can y'all give me some tips for your first kiss

he kissed me
it was sweet


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  • Just read your update lol glad you guys enjoyed it 😊

  • This is a rather common situation believe it or not, but just the best thing to do is let it happen naturally, it all just comes to you, I had mine 2 weeks ago so I'm a rather strong sorce given the situation, but it comes very naturally

    • was it awkward at all

    • No, it was great, and very conferting (couldn't think of a good word so used the first one that came to mind)

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