Is she trying to keep me on a string?

I asked this woman out and her respond was if I didn't have a boyfriend I would love to go out with you.

What the hell is this really supposed to mean? I understand it means no but why did she have to say she love to go out with me if she was single?

Now that she know my intention how is it gonna play out?


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  • How do you know this woman? Just met?

    • We work in the same building. Known her for almost 2 years

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    • It's good that you find the strength within and be free now. It's not easy at first but once you do it its a beautiful feeling. She did mention a few times that she doesn't deal with emotional pain well. Oh well I hope one day she can be a strong and independent woman like you.

    • Thank you for MH! Just keeping being the sweet guy you are to her. Good luck, I hope she "wakes up" soon!


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  • She is committed in a relationship she was probably just being nice towards you so you won't feel bad, but she still said no...

    • I see her again and I thought she would distance herself but now she is more forward and warmer to me than before.. I'm really confused by her action

  • She might've been nicely trying to let you down. If a woman just says no it seems a little harsh. She probably thinks your a nice person but wanted to let you down easy.

  • she likes you but she has a boyfriend..

    • That means she also likes me romantically? Or as a friend?

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    • Been waiting for almost 2 years and finally have the courage to ask her out. Must admit we both played a bit of cat and mouse. Now that is all open and she knows I want to date her instead of just a hook up. I hope it won't take her too much longer to make her mind up

    • hopefully not.

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