What's the point of life if you're going to spend the rest of it alone?

Really what's the point?
You just spend the rest of it alone and watch other guys and girls get something you never could
Every day I wake up and remind myself that no girl will ever love me or want me. I won't ever have a family of my own and I won't ever be happy
So what's the point?


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  • Sounds like you've bought into the lie that meaning in life can only be found in a relationship and through passing on your genes and surname. Either that or you're crazy enough to think that these kinds of "woe is me" sympathy plays actually work with women. They don't.

    The point of my life is to enjoy having the opportunity to experience the world, and to make a positive, lasting impact on society through my actions. There are many people who have touched the world in profound ways and never married, and many more who never had children.

    Start by figuring out the things you want to do that don't require a woman at your side who has a coin flip's chance of leaving you anyway. Then make those things happen. Stop waiting for life to come to you, and go live it.


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  • Do you ever examine how some guys just know to make a woman tick?

  • Instead of reminding yourself that everyday, you should change your attitude and try harder. Even if you do manage to get a girl and start a family, at the end there really is no point to any of it, so all you can do is try. While you're at it, try to find happiness in being alone, to make the best out of the life you have.


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