So I saw '50 shades of grey' and like to know what are your thoughts about the film?

So I finally saw the movie, only cause everybody was talking about it,

The film did suck, but I thought it could've improved if it had a better casting with attractive people in it especially "Anastasia steel" she seemed pretty unattractive to me as well as christian grey..

I didn't think the story was so terrible for an erotic film but if only it had better casting and a few more retouches to its story...

What are your thoughts?


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  • Yes, I've seen it. I think it's one of those movies that you have to see a few times to really appreciate it.

    I too agree that it's not that great - I think Dakota Johnson is just not Ana but I did like Jamie Dornan as Grey. I think Dakota looked too old for the part and that Christian looked too young for her. Also there was a distinct lack of chemistry between the two - she just didn't ooze innocent appeal but rather been round the block and I kinda know what I'm doing thing. The styling of Dakota was poor too - she looked way too GND for me. There was just nothing that stood out about her to make me think that this guy would fall for her. I haven't read the book by the way.

    I thought Jamie Dornan could grow as Grey and I really thought he could have a sadistic edge to him.

    I couldn't bear the actor that played Katherine. I really wanted to sock her in the jaw. She seemed like a bad and selfish friend to me. She just irritated me whenever she was on screen.

    I know it's a film and there is limited time to tell a story but it lacked polish and the dialogue was poor in certain areas. I still couldn't fathom how they went from a meeting to him showing her his Playroom. And I think that's because the lack of chemistry between the two was so evident that I couldn't quite "get" the hurtling pace of meeting to BDSM.

    As for Rita Ora, missed her the first time round !


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  • I have not seen it nor have I read the book so forgive me for my ignorance but... exactly HOW erotic was it? like was any nudity shown? (I promise I have a reason for wanting to know and no its not to jerk off with it lol.)

  • I saw it also, everyone was talking about it, I didn't mind the casting of the movie but the film was terrible, only for the reason that I couldnt relate to it. So I had no feelings toward the plot, I felt bad for her sure, but it was her choice to be in that situation, I also think that the plot escalated pretty quickly


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  • I saw the film already a couple of days ago and it was horrible. And the acting was horrible as well. It was as if they had no chemistry between each other and it was so awkward. I think the film moved a bit to fast. All and all I would not recommend seeing the movie, save your money. I have not read the book by the way.