Girls, would you?

Would you want the guy you like out of your life because it won't work out?

I want to be with her, I would drop my Athletic Scholarship to Stanford. I would drop my goals. And I would Build new goals here in the Northwest. And accept the scholarship to University of Oregon. I would change my future for this girl, Create new ambitious goals (without leaving her out of the picture, but to tag along) and like I said I am a busy guy, I hardly had time for her. I will make time for her (I have all the time in the world to achieve accomplishments) should I try?


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  • Regarding your update, don't be stupid.

    • Hahahaha okay Thanks

    • But I'm not giving up anything. I'm just reconstructing my future.

    • You're 18, your life is just beginning. All the choices you make now are crucial for your future. You're gonna drop your goals and scholarship to Stanford for a girl? Could you listen to yourself for a minute?


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  • yes, absolutely. no point to all the hurt and drama it would cause otherwise.

  • You are so young -relationships at your age very rarely last because you dont really know what you want. The life opporrunities you have will not come around again so you have to take them when on offer. You will live with these decisions for the rest of your life.