Girls, why would a girl cut contact?

I know I asked this question but I never got it answered. Why would a girl cut contact with a guy she likes? I know it's because she thinks it won't work out. But why not try to make it work? That's my question. Why be rude and negative towards him. It doesn't makeep sense, one minute she's the sweetest, nicest feminine girl. The next she's rude and telling me to leave her alone and insulting me. Why would a girl do this? She can't stop loving me in a heartbeat.


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  • It may be various reasons. She may have psychological issues or not being sure in her feelings or not being sure in your feelings or many other things... I personally think there is also a big possibility that she felt neglected when you were very busy and not giving her attention. Us ladies sometimes feel insecure just like you guys and we can't always understand that you are THAT busy that you can't find more time for us. When we are younger, there is even more chance that it is insecurity. First, I think you should talk to her and tell her your thoughts you shared here. It's usually surprisingly good to talk. Second, next time you are very busy, try to tell her that in advance or even better to find time at least to have a short phone conversation with her... It will feel good to you too. I don't approve rudeness, but sometimes when we are insecure or feel hurt, even when we only think we have a reason like that, we say things we don't mean. I really think it might be she is just insecure and protects herself with being rude when she feels neglected or anything else that is not pleasant to her and makes her scared to show her vulnerability.

    • This is very clear. Thank you for insight

    • I'm glad if it was helpful!


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  • You were dating this girl when this happened? I'd need a little more info here. Anything in particular happen? It is possible for a girl to lose interest in a guy out of nowhere, but something usually happens. If she does lose interest, everything he does would be viewed as unwanted attention and she will tell you to stop.

    • Yes I was. And I got a Athletic Scholarship to Stanford. I was so busy I hardly had any time for her. Then I complimented her and she was rude towards me telling me to leave her alone, and insulting me. I want her to be part of my life. But if she wants to leave she can. A relationship is about mutual attraction and enjoyment, building each other to be their best selves. But if she doesn't I understand. It just doesn't make sense to be why would she cut contact with me? I can ditch Stanford and go to University of Oregon (here) and Build my goals and dreams here. I just want her to tag along. I don't mind not attending Stanford

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    • Wow, Thanks I never saw it that way 😊

    • You're intelligent and incredibly fit. Focus on your studies and athletic goals because that's what matters now. Women will come and go, but one day the right one will come along and she'll never treat you poorly and you'll have a happy, mutual relationship.

  • ugh yeah I've done this to a guy before. At first, I really did like this guy, but the more I got to know him, I knew we didn't really 'match' (e. g. having different interests or hobbies). But that's not to say that means for everyone, as opposites can/do attract. But I just knew I wasn't really feeling for him and kinda just lost interest.