Is there something wrong with me?

Okay so i guess I've just been feeling a little negative about relationships first off by saying when i was in high school i had a billion crushes on guys but after i graduated and now in college I've gotten so bored with how guys work
for the first time ever this guy approached me and he wants to date me but I've been pushing m yself away I don't know if its because subconciously im not ready or because im not into him. He isn't my type but i like his personality but im not sure if the attraction is there .i guess I've been so used to crushing on the guys from a distance its off putting when the guy actually likes me.. I don't know is this weird


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  • lol, very normal. Shoot me a PM


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  • Give yourself a chance, you never know if you might end up liking him genuinely or if he's better off being a friend. I feel just like you but if we don't keep trying were never going to find the one that gives us hope in the love department.