Girls, girls would u date a guy like me?

I am 17 and desperate, and I am virgin and I am waiting for the right woman, girls don't talk to me much, I am a bit shy, caring, smart, tall, kinda cute as I were told, sensitive, romantic I would do. Anything in anyway for my girl I will treat her like a princess, I would never let her pay in the market I wouldn't ignore her texts or her phone call I'd be all her

And I'd meet her family and go with her to the vacation I'd take her anyplace she likes on earth
It sounds a little bit perfect but that's the truth I swear


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  • Nah, I'm not a fan of being treated like a princess but I'm sure many girls would love to date you.

    • Then how would u like to be treated?

    • As an equal partner; I don't expect my partner to "put me on a pedestal" or shower me with gifts or rescue me...
      That's what I typically think of when I hear princess. I'm in no way saying you would particularly do this though.

  • To be honest that sounds like a perfect kind of guy to me basically I mean who wouldn't want to go out with some one like u so yea I would date u but that's my opinion and everyone is diffrent

  • You seem really cute. Boyfriend material.