Girls: is a guy with really pale skin a turn off?

I'm a guy and I'm like white as a ghost... I look a lot like Sheamus from WWE. Not that I look exactly like him but my skin tone is very similar to his. I have blue eyes and dark brown hair The thing is I've never been on a date or had a girl like me and all the girls in school go on how much they admire tanned guys. And I asked my friend why and he said: "Maybe because you're so pale." This is making me lose hope in finding the perfect girl in my life. :(

Girls, would it bother you if a guy was as pale as I described? Or would you prefer a man who is tanned?

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  • Dude, why the heck are you so insecure? As these ladies said, "pale skin, blue eyes, brown hair..." you sound like a Logan Lerman to me. Don't feel so glum, chum. Just because your school ladies prefer guys like Channing (or shall I say Tanning x'D) Tatum, that doesn't mean the rest of society likes him. At least you don't look like a walking red sunburn the size of China. Plus, a lot of girls prefer Edward over Jacob. I say it again, don't be so glum, chum!

    • It's just most of the girls in my school like tanned guys. And the fact that the media portrays the stereotypical handsome gut as tanned while a pale guy would normally be considered geeky and weak. I've also heard people say that pale skin is more of a "feminine" trait...

      But yeah, thanks for answering, "chum" x3

    • Hey, if that's what society's portraying, I believe it needs a rain check. That 'society' you speak of has it's head still stuck in 2006 (remember the style with very dark tan, spiked, macaroni looking hair, and blonde streaks? bleh). Today we are a more spontaneous bunch. I don't believe I have ever seen a tanned, handsome hipster. I'm serious. If I could, I would drag you to a music store and say, "Look around. They're all skinny, pale, have big glasses, but no- they are not geeky, weak or lame." If that's not enough to convince you that you are 100% out of their league, then I suggest walking down to the local Starbucks.


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  • I personally find blue eyes, dark brown hair and pale skin sexy and mysterious. its a killer combo. don't worry :)

    • I wish more girls in school were like you :/

  • It doesn't matter at all.

  • You sound pretty hot. Honestly pale skin is attractive, if you can pull it off. You should post a pic!

    • That's nice to hear :)

      I'd rather not post just now, don't wanna look attention seekingseeking but thanks for answering

    • *seeking

    • Oh got you, and anytime 😊

  • It doesn't matter, I'm pretty pale myself so I can't judge lol

  • I seriously wouldn't think its a turn off... Some people are really shallow but you shouldn't care about what they think.

  • I'm porcelain pale and I like pale skin on guys so much.
    Tanning Tatum lol