Ideas for a Perfect date?

Hi so I managed to get a girl to go on a date with me but I have no idea where to take her ? I was thinking about a cinema but thats a bit old fashioned or go-karting but then we wouldn't be able to talk .. I need advices thanks :)

Still haven't decided.. Anymore ideas


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  • The problem with movies isn't that it's old fashioned, but you can't talk.

    The other day, I started it off by taking a girl to an art museum/gallery, we stayed and talked for about 2 hours while seeing each exhibit and making some casual jokes about what we saw. Then, I took her to this cafe I had never been too, it had dim lighting sort of like the perfect place for a date as it became darker outside, I took her on this:


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  • Well a point of a date is to get to know someone better right? To see if ou have a connection with them or not?
    -don't go to places that have loud music
    -don't go drinking
    -go to a restaurant? Or buy some take away food and go for a stroll on the beach or in a national park of some sorts.

    Things like that

  • it depends on how well you know each other.. boating, a not-very-overcrowded safari, trekking, a fair, beach,... there are a lot of options, really


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  • Well in my opinion, it doesn't matter what y'all do. It matters that you are together and having a good time. Though somewhere y'all can actually talk would be the best. If you wanted to do a movie, if y'all dont have a "curfew" in the city, y'all could go to a late movie anf go out to eat before the movie. Gives y'all time to talk, and y'all get to do something. Or you could turn it around. Go to early movie and go out to eat after. Thats wgat I've done with tge girl I liked. Though she didn't consider it a date. She considered it an outing with a friend. But, only reason fir that is that she doesn't want to ruin our friendship by dating. Though In your situation that tactic may actually work.

    Anyway good luck man!

  • Food is always the best option, but you can always go ice skating, downtown walks, or go shopping