I treat a guy kinda bad and now I want him again?

I felt he treated me bad and maybe it was true. Like didn't' pay enough attention and he wanted me to have "fun" with his friend. I think it was a checklist he wanted me to help him with. So I told him he was an asshole for that. and he apologized. he left town this days and lost communication but I wanted to keep in touch in touch with him. I don't know why. overall he was kinda sweet.


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  • you made assumptions about him, you treated him badly, and now you realize he wasn't the asshole you made him out to be, and you want him back. seriously you got what you deserved.

    • he made me feel bad

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    • worst what? that I made assumptions about him or him?

    • wait never mind. but yeah i think even then it doesn't really change it. i mean sure thats pretty gay but if thats what he's into its not like you can punish him for just considering it. if he bothers enough to ask you it means he's not going to go out and be outright infidelious, which i guess if you take offense to that then its your problem when he goes and takes it up the butt and doesn't tell you about it.


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  • This is why I'm afraid of dating: running into women like you. The guy didn't ask for any of this and now you want him back. You blame him for you being mean to him.

    That's almost like cheating on your boyfriend, then blaming the boyfriend for you cheating. You got to take responsibility - what you did was wrong, apologize to him, and hope for the best.

  • Boo hoo I didn't get enough attention

  • That may be because of love.


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  • same story with me and my bf. i dumped him thinking he was being an asshole to me then again i contacted after that he said i am over you and he dumped me. wtf i am so devastated now:(