He didn't want me when he had me and now he wants me when he can't?

I liked this guy a lot about 3 years ago..I was a little chubby and not too worried about my looks. He acted like he didn't care about me and it really really hurt. And now I am hot and he wants me.

But does he really want me now? or is it because he can't have me or what? What should i do??!


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  • '3 years ago,' he never looked twice at you here, dear, because you were Not what he was looking for and as far as 'Didn't care about me,' he didn't 'Care about me' Unconditionally, you could say. This a guy who wasn't a keeper...
    Now that you are Hot to trot and he is looking your way, doing a Double take, he has had a change of mind because you are Now what he is 'looking for' because you are Not-----A little chubby. Now he is this weeper.
    Sure he 'Wants me' because you are someone brand new and not with the meat on her bones that he didn't want to bite into yesterday.
    Today, you are this juicy apple hardest to grab and not only That, he wants to sink his teeth in you because this is More his taste.
    I don't believe it is so much 'Because he can't have me.' He knew you from 'Years ago' so he sees you Now as someone who he really never knew... and too bad, his loss, he will never even get to know another part of you neither.
    Good luck, looking good. xx

    • Oh wow thanks you somehow made me realize how much of an idiot he is. Sure i look "hotter" now... but I am still the same person with the same personality as 3 years ago... and apparently that wasn't good enough for him then so he suddenly wants me now? Guys suck.

    • Oh, so welcome, glad to have obliged.. I am proud of you for taking the initiative to see that there is still the same girl, yet a different sort of side that too bad he never wanted to really know before when there Was----More in store..
      LOL... Yes, they sure do suck and many toms today are sporadic and unpredictable and still major jerks. xx


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  • Well it's ok. We all know how looks matter. So if your hot now clearly guys are going to pay more attention. He's no different

  • If he couldn't give you any sort of attention then, why should you now? It's obvious he wants what he can't have and maybe that's what's pushing him to try and get you?

  • You should do what you want...
    Can't say anithing as you didn't mention what you want


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  • I don't know the answer to your question.

    But just a consideration: Are you the same person you were 3 years ago? I sure am not.. Maybe he's matured now and it's not just a physical attraction?

    I don't know him, so you'll have to determine whether this could be a factor.

  • What exactly does he want? A girlfriend/relationship? A hook-up? A FWB?