Guys, this guy I keep seeing on the bus keeps opening doors for me and sitting next to me?

A few weeks ago I got off the bus and this guy on the same bus got off and we went into the same building--he waited and opened the door for me, which was really nice. Then I happened to see him again on the bus on a different day and he seemed to recognise me and he sat next to me when there were a bunch of other seats, but we didn't talk to each other which was a little weird. And then I saw him again today, and a woman was sitting next to me--the bus was getting crowded and he stood near me, and what was odd was that he later had to move close to the exit of the bus, but didn't get off until I did...? and he opened the doors for me again but he hasn't said a word to me hahah I don't understand--why doesn't he say something? I say thank you to him but that's basically it. And please don't give me the "why do guys always have to start conversations" because he had his headphones on, and we all know how awkward that can get lol I'm 19 by the way :) I think it's nice of him to keep opening the doors for me and so I want to get to know him--I've never had a boyfriend before and I grew up in an all girls school up until college so yeah, I really want your advice!


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  • high time to get your own servant=) ask him to cook meal for you , open the doors , take you to some places =) a lot of people are dreaming about your guy =)

    • what if he's a psychopath or something? lol and I would never want to slave a guy around unless he really wanted to do those things for me--I don't want to make him do a bunch of things he doesn't want to and manipulate that lol

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    • hmm what are other things girls do that makes guys weak in the knees besides smiling?

    • probably , when you feel he staring at your back , just turn around and wink to him =) it`s kinda difficult to do

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  • If you are attracted to the guy then yeah. Just ask him how he's doing/what he does for a living. Although I find it a little weird he has these close interactions with you all the time and has never said a word.

    • right? maybe he's just shy?

  • You should approach him. It seems like he recognizes you, and probably interested.