Hooked up (made out) with a chick at party yesterday. How should I start my text game?

So yesterday at a party i hooked up with a cute chick(i was sober and she was tipsy/drunk). In the end of the night after plenty of signs and careful foot flirting and many hugs and talking we finally started the kissing. I should've picked up clues earlier on, as she said she liked me a lot and i was the kind of guy most girls were looking for she thought and thought i was really amazing. But im a shy person(and bad at going into action after seeing signs) and i go sober to parties now to push myself out of the comfort zone and it's really making me grow as a person.

So in the end i ended up driving her home, i kissed her one last time at the party, but was nothing more than a hug and kiss on the cheek when she left my car. We got each other's numbers and did plan to go to a concert together next weekend with the hosts of the party(couple). We both love coffee, so if its not to rush it too much, i could ask her out for a coffee this weekend, or play that card next week after concert. But i want to text her today, but not sure where to start. So any advice?


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  • Say hello and ask her how her day is going.

    • Nothing like "Hey, thanks a lot for yesterday night, it was wonderful/i had a great night"? or should i do as you say and go straight on and ask how she's feeling (probably hangover) today?

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    • Just don't try to sound needy

    • don't thank her for making out with you. It's good to tell her you had fun though or mention wanting to meet up again.


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