Do you believe in destiny when it comes to love and things that are meant to be?

Back in 2012 I saw this girl that my friends friend knew and I started crushing on her. Let me mention that this was far away from where I live. Probably 12 hours away. I asked my friend to find her social media info and we did. Since then I had been looking at all her stuff just mesmerized by her beauty. Back in 2012 I commented in one of her pics asking her to marry me one day and she replied by liking one of my pictures. Fast forward to 2014, I found out she was going to college at the same school I was going to enroll at the same time as well. Fast forward some months, I found out she lives 5 min away from me (it's a huge city), so here I am wondering how the girl of my dreams literally came here out of all places in the world. If we go back to 2012 when I jokingly asked her to marry me, the post I made was posted from this street that is only 1 min away from where she lives.. If You would of told me that she was gonna live by there I would of thought you were crazy.


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  • If you think she is at least remotely interested, you should definitely talk to her at some point.

    • She showed some interest. So I'll do my best


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  • yeah, i do believe in destiny. i believe in fate. but i don't believe in god.
    i believe that everything happens for a reason, even if we don't see the reason at the exact moment.


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  • Huh. Crazy coincidence. You better so something about that crushing as not everyone gets their chance handed to them on a shiny platter encrusted in diamonds

    • Like approach her?

    • Well you mentioned you think she's amazing and whatnot so yeah, you dedicated should. You can always stay by catching up