Is it inappropriate to add a customer on facebook?

I know this guy through my job, he is at my workplace often and we talk when he is there and he seems to be interested, my coworker has even commented how he seems to like me. I'm not working at that place anymore I was wondering if it would a) be appropriate to add him even though I just know him through my job? b) be weird or creepy to add him?


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  • That's a little creepy. I wouldn't until you become friends socially

    • We used to text a year and a half ago but we just stopped for whatever reason so did know each other a bit but have now since just started talking more again


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  • No, but only because it's Facebook. Facebook should never be used to socialize (should never be used period). Add his number.

    • Only reason I would add him is because I'm done at my job and don't know if I'll see him again any time soon to get his number

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    • How old is he?

    • Like 22 and I'm almost 18

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  • I don't think so. Actually it seems kind of weird not to in my opinion.