Girls, straight girls, why do you sometimes date lezzies?

Girls ask Guys is somehow messing with this questions. I'm trying to figure out why sometimes straight girls hook up with lesbians, and what lesbians do to get a straight girl. Thanks.


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  • It's called being bi-sexual. Sure, some straight women will experiment, but honestly, I don't think this is as common as people think it is. I think, generally, some women may be a little more bi curious than others, and they're the ones who that friend of yours will be finding success with, but a woman who has no homosexual desires at all won't just "go gay"... it doesn't happen.

    My best friend used to believe she was straight because she had only dated/slept with men at the age of 25, but then she met a woman who she found herself incredibly attracted to. It took her some time to become comfortable with it, because she'd always thought of herself as straight, but eventually she ended up experimenting with this woman and discovered that she is actually more gay than straight along the spectrum. Since then, she has found far more women attractive than men. I think, for her, being gay had just never been something that she had considered was a possibility for her, so she never pursued it and just assumed she was straight. But looking back, she had never been satisfied with her sexual relationships with men. She now considers herself bi sexual, but leaning more toward women than men. She quips that she's 80% gay, 20% straight.

    • Wow, so maybe lots of people don't understand their preference until later in life. I might just be skewed because as far back as I can remember (9) I was attracted to women and never men. I still remember Paula Abdul in that little black dress. Reow! Lol. Thanks

    • Yeah I found myself boy crazy at a very, very young age as well, but a lot of people don't start noticing the other gender or their own like that til their teens or even later.


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  • Girls, straight girls, why do you sometimes date lezzies?
    The reasons I find most common are:
    - the sex is way way better
    It consists of oral/fingering which are pretty much guaranteed orgasms unlike sex. Plus it seems like gals are generally way less sexually selfish than guys.

    - the communication is way better
    Lesbians seem to enjoy talking unlike guys who appear to bemoan and degrade gals desire to talk. Plus gals seem to listen unlike guys who dismiss gals emotions as overreacting, dismiss gals concerns as nagging, dismiss gals anger as PMSing, and essentially dismiss gals wants because 'women don't know what they want'.

  • They aren't straight. ಠ_ಠ

    • Hm... that appears to be the consensus, but my friend-we'll call her Jen-purposefully goes after straight girls. Are they bi-curiois maybe? I don't feel right asking Jen how or why she does this, I figure people's sexual behavior is their business, but I thought I might get a "straight" answer here. Thanks, ladies.

    • yep, bi curious.

  • Never done this and if a "straight" girl hooks up with a lesbian it generally means that she's bisexual.

  • I've never done this.

  • I would never. Maybe they are experimenting.

  • Because guys are idiots sometimes and our own sex understand us better.