How long into dating did you bring up marriage ideals?

How long into dating (not a dating as in you two are boyfriend and girlfriend but you're still just dating) did you talk about your views on marriage, like how many kids you would like to have, how you would raise them and what role you would like to play in the marriage? Not to say that this is exactly how you want it in the future but something along these lines is kind of your ideal situation?


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  • Some girls I've known bring it up intentionally, and it doesn't offend me when it does. On my part, if I were the one bringing it up, I usually wait until it comes about in conversation naturally, or at least it can be eased into from a related topic.

    If you're talking to someone about their life, family, and opinions enough, these things can just come up at any time without being planned.

    • We were talking about money, then about siblings and then about kids and then he brought up his views on marriage and what he would want in a marriage and with kids. even the relationship he would want with his kids.

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    • Nah, its not rushing. Anything you'd need to know before being in a relationship with someone is perfectly normal to bring up at any time while you're dating.

      Also, its good that you're taking it slow, but don't worry yourself too much about it. To tell him you're ready to date exclusively doesn't mean you have to get married or start doing anything crazy, it just means you're openly agreeing that you're not interested in dating anyone else until you've investigated this possibility to its final conclusion, whatever it is.

    • cool. That's a relief to hear then. haha. ^^

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  • Been with a girl 3 months now. Started talking about "views" on marriage and kids within 2 months I think. Definitely not making any plans for awhile but it's helpful in finding out if you're compatible with each other.


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  • My boyfriend and I spoke about this while we were just dating, we dated for 3 months before being official, I'd say around the middle of that. We've continued to talk about stuff like that ever since. These things are important, I don't think it's ever too early once a month has gone by.

    • Ok. I have never had this kind of talk before so when the guy im seeing brought it up on the phone last night it was really comfortable and easy but now that I think about it I just wasn't sure if it was too soon or what not.

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    • You're going to think I'm crazy lol, we just hit our 8 month the other day. You just know when you know though. How about you guys?

    • 2 months. But we hit it off right away. Neither of us want to move to fast and so we have actually decided to cut back on sex so we know that we have the emotional chemistry and can get along doing other things.