Girls why are you so CONFUSING?

took this girl out for a first date, we got on really well. I took her hand lead her to the restaurant, held the door, got hair chair, was a gentleman. We had great conversation, she was laughing, playing with her hair touching me all signs she was interested. We went to the bar after and had drinks and talked for a further few hours. I held her hand on the way back. When I went to give her a good night kiss on the cheek she went for the lips and we ended up kissing half on the lips half cheek ( awkward )

anyway after the date she text me straight away saying I'm home now just in bed :) had a really great time tonight thanks, with only one kiss, less than normal?, thought maybe she was a bit annoyed I didn't kiss her. we exchanged a few texts over the next few days and she asked me when we were going mini golf (something we talked about on the date) I said I had plans for the weekend but next week? she said she was extremely busy that week as she has 2 netball games and work commitments but she will see if she can re arrange something so we can go, I said ok let me know I could possibly do next Saturday?

This was 3 days ago and I'm yet to receive a reply? She's never been the fastest at replying but I feel she is interested and I know she is very busy, otherwise why would she ask me out again and the texts she sends me are long and detailed 15-20 lines, we have no mutual friends so I assumed if she didn't want to see or hear from me she just wouldn't of text me after date 1. is she just waiting to find a time then text me or is she playing games or maybe lost interest? The text I sent didn't really require a reply till she had figured out her plans but I thought she would of done this by now? I don't want to text her again and seem needy I think I will wait for her to come to me it would just be interesting to hear other opinions? Thank you x


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  • Meh, if you're both a bit busy you can compromise and suggest doing something easy so you can see each other again, you'll spend more time together when you can. It's only been three days though, chill.


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  • I didn't see a time frame from day of the date til now that gives any reference point. Add a few more details about times that will help us out

    • date was last night and I text her back this morning when I woke up so over 15 hours ago. she seemed really keen

    • You mentioned she also had a game to either attend or play , so it is way to early to count her out bro. Give her a little more time she will check in with you. It sounds like you both had a good time and it seems you both made a real good impression on the other. Hi five on doing the gentilman approach.. Smooth

  • You have to ask yourself that if after one date you are thinking and feeling confused by her actions... is she really worth the energy and time? if she can't be honest and direct with you then I'd just move on to be honest.