How do I tell her I like her?

Alright, so I'm 16 years old and I'm probably going to be telling this girl I like her soon. Now this is the first time I've ever told someone my feelings so im quite unexpirienced and nervous! I plan on biking up this nice mountain with her (we both mountain bike) (not too intense of a ride) and then on the top there's a bench over looking our town, and that's where id tell her. Now the thing is I don't really know exactly how to tell her, I'm worried that I'm going to get super nervous and forget what ill want to say! So any tips you have are appreciated! Also if there's anything I should say in particular. Man I'm getting nervous thinking about this. Please help me out, I could use some expert advice! Thank you so much for your time and opinions!!


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  • I think you should tell her you like her. Ask her if she feels the same way. Start from there.


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  • Ask her if she wants to go on a date.

    This is telling her, and it's also giving her a slightly less uncomfortable way to decline, should she decide to.