Is it wrong to dump a girl if you have to act like a clown and entertain her all the time?

One of the girls I used to hang around with was like this. Unless I did anything to entertain her she would always be moody and upset. I always had to act like a goofball but it did not feel like me. I mean I was a smart guy I did not have to constantly lower my IQ to make her happy.

So I just dumped her and she went berzerk on me. What should I have done?


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  • With people like this, guys or girls, Nothing you ever do is good enough and no matter how hard you try and 'Make her happy,' you can't Because they have mental issues that causes these mood swings And-------Always be moody and upset.
    You were smart to unload her, she isn't wrapped tight. Let some other bozo try to amuse her. Your show is over, find some Real Class Act that you can be yourself with and Not some Class clown that you... Always had to act like a goofball with.
    Good luck and happy hunting. xx

    • Hahaha, she did have some issues. She would post weird messages on her Facebook wall with scratched chests, back and self mutilation stuff.

    • lol... I rest my case, Alecu... Thank you for allowing me to join the fun.:)) xxoo


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  • I think you did the right thing. You aren't going to be happy in a relationship if you have to act like someone you're not. You deserve to be with someone who likes you for who you are, and what's the point of a relationship if you're unhappy in it?

  • No bc no one should have to feel or be a court jester. That shit irritates the hell out of me when people are that audacious to have the thought of someone else should be entertaining them. If you want entertainment you should buy tickets for a BeyoncĂ© concert nearest to you. Bc it sure isn't here.

  • Find someone you can be you with.. I like a man who acted like a clown but really loved when he calmed down and was himself

  • If she isn't happy with the real you then it's time to move on. You did the right thing. Sounds like she had issues... tell her to get tickets to the circus.


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