Falling for a boy who was a random drunk hookup

Out at the pub, I meet this boy and he's pretty cute .. we hookup ( not much else besides kiss ) ..

A few weeks past and at the end of a completely trashy night after a festival event we run into to each other again .. bus-ing it home back to the dorms we begin to hookup again... however this time things go a little further and we end up sleeping together .. the next day I find out he was a virgin.. only for the fact that the entirety of he's dorm has knowledge of the night before ..

he has always said that he wanted it to be "special " but due to the drunkenness on both sides it really wasn't that romantic

we chit chat on IM however I think i have fallen for him?

Should I ask him out / maybe casually hang or leave it well alone


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  • just go for it c:

    some relationship develope fron hook ups lol


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  • I think you should ask him out, maybe say do you want to get a drink and have a proper conversation? make it fun and flirty so he doesn't think your really into him as that might scare him off x

  • due it it seems like he likes you and if yall do get together then maybe you can make it more special the next time I hope it works out for you(:

  • You could casually bring up hanging out sometime to him.. Just suggest it, its worth a try!