Boyfriend seems suspicious and distanced all the sudden?

Okay so last week, my friend shows me screenshot messages from our friend saying that my boyfriend is cheating on me and that I should know. And of course I confront him about it and he denies it. During our 11 months of dating, I've been hearing rumors left and right from different people, for example, he has a baby, he's a player, etc . And this one is new and so I tell how ridiculous it is with the amount of shit people tell me. And so the first couple of days he was emotional about it and this guy did meantion about breaking up and I told I didn't want to do that and so the next few days,I've been very depressed about the situtaion he's just seems w.e and barely texts me and until my cousin decides to text him and telling him what's up basically saying why you getting mad when she just askes you a question, why aren't you trying to cheer her up if you "love" her so much etc . And now he's all lovey dovey but I'm still insecure and depressed about the whole thing and so I don't know what to do. What do you think about this opinion?


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  • Did the friend who helped u have some feelings over u?


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  • I think it's dumb all around. Your friend/family should not be getting involved in your relationship. Second if you doubt him why are you with him? You don't even trust him and you're listening to all the outsiders.