Does he like me? Or is he just stringing me along? please help?

So for about 4 months now, this guy and I have been "unofficially" dating. Like he holds my hand, and visits me on the weekends (were both in uni about 45 minutes away). Last weekend he came home and asked me to go to a movie and afterward he kissed me (for a while) and told me that he really likes me. But he never makes an effort to make an official relationship! It has been 4 months! We are both VERY introverted, like it took him a year just to make a move on me, so I thought that maybe he was just shy. but it has been so long now! Is he just stringing me along? Or do you think he's serious? In a few weeks we will be on summer break and then in the fall I will be at the same uni as him. Do you think maybe he is just waiting until we are closer? Please any advice! Thank you!


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  • This is something you should bring up with him. Maybe in his mind it's already official, I mean you technically did go on a date, so you are boyfriend and girlfriend. This also depends on your age, situation etc. Could be struggling with uni, try to get involved in more than his feelings but his thoughts, find out how his day went, if he cuts it short, insist he tells you what's up. Try not to sound too enforcing or worried when you tell him that you feel it's not moving forward, because he might think you're leaving him or slapping him with an ultimatum.


What Girls Said 1

  • You could ask when he's reaching for your hand, slightly refuse it and ask if your in a relationship. "Are we in a relationship?" If he says yes take his hand. If he says no or tries to change the subject with love dovey stuff with no words to prove it, your wasting your time.