Girls, what is this girl doing lol?

Alright so my friends introduced me to this girl because they thought we'd be a good match. Met her and we hit it off, she's gorgeous (does swimsuit modeling so yeah lol), great personality that matches up with mine perfectly. So first night we meet she kisses me at the end. That was 2 weeks ago, then she told me one day before we hung out this past Saturday that because of past relationships and her being 'emotionally unstable' lol which I know is a red flag but I knew what she meant.
So we went out just her and I Saturday for drinks and had an even better time. Non stop laughing, no awkward silence or anything, just an amazing night. At the second bar (we only had like 3 beers at this point) she starts kissing me and is all over me and touchy and all that. We leave around 130 and she ends up coming in my apartment and leaves at 530 am so yeah lol don't need to explain that part. Today we were making plans to hang out again and she said she has to try and resist anything


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  • errm dude i don't get it... be more precise please!

    • Sorry it didn't paste my whole long explanation lol basically she kisses me and things went far but she's like scared of things progressing and I don't get it because I'd assume she likes me. I fit as much as I could in the updates.


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  • Uh which girl?

    • Okay I updated and put as much as I could in the other girls comment.

  • elaboration required!

  • Doing what? I see no details or pic.