Would you date a Lager girl?

who you date a larger girl, who is like this size?




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  • You are pretty, but I do think most guys will be put off. The thing is, you can be larger and attract dates if you look like you are also active. You don't look like you are active though, because you don't have any muscle tone. Also, you are a little too large.

    You don't have to starve yourself and be a size 0, but I think you do need to look healthier. Not just to attract guys but for yourself. If you lost 30 pounds, which is not a lot for someone of your size, and gained muscle tone, you would be totally fine.

    I think you should start off by doing a weight lifting regime. A lot of girls are scared of getting too muscly, but this does not happen unless you are doing Olympic-type training. It does not take long for it to make a difference.

    The ideal thing would be for you to diet and also get aerobic exercise like running or biking. But it seems like that would be a pretty major lifestyle change for you and it is hard to keep that up when your lifestyle has been so sedentary. So start off with the weights. You will be amazed at the difference!


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  • I'm going to have to say no. Before everyone jumps down my throat let me explain myself...

    I'm a highly active person. My hobbies include running, downhill mountain biking, and hiking just to you an idea of my interests. I wouldn't date someone that size not because I find them unattractive but because we would share very little in common. I like to date women who share my interests and can keep up with my lifestyle.

    MY opinion, not yours.



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  • I've seen big girls that size that are married so obviously someone wants to date them. It is gonna be a little harder for them to get attention because they have to compete with more attractive girls but apparently it can be done.