Saw this girl at gym a lot but then she disappeared after I talked to this new girl?

there was this girl at gym who worked out around same time i went there and seen her there for last couple of months . we didn't really talk much and seemed to lack that sort of a connection but she got jealous a while ago when i talked to another girl one day . but i also saw her there with this other guy who was either a friend or guy she was dating . then a couple weeks back this other new girl appeared who i found attractive and sometime last week i tried to talk to her but was sort of a weird conversation and didn't seem to work . other girl was in gym at time but didn't think she saw me talking to her but maybe they talked after or something ?
what i find weird is other girl seems to have disappeared completely from gym since that day ? haven't seen her since and that was over a week ago i talk to that other girl , so not sure if there is a connection to her behaviour or some other reason she isn't coming out ?


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  • Probably just coincidence and nothing to do with you.


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  • Nah bro, the world doesn't revolve around you. She probably busy or something, don't worry about it too much.

    • what he said! haha

    • I guess but she had normally been there a lot so not exactly sure where she is but agree she might just be busy or something

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