Guys, question how should I act around a guy on a date?


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  • On a date (especially a first date), can it when it comes to politics, religion, feminism, etc.. and if he is smart he'll do the same. Those come out when you are more comfortable with eachother.

    I think its bad to insist that he pay, but don't refuse him if he offers. Conversationally try to be a good listener. It has tons of advantages, like getting him to reveal more about himself than you need to reveal about yourself :) Everyone likes a good listener anyway.

    Be yourself and try to be a good conversationalist. If you can have fun, then have it. Guys will like to see you at your best having fun. That will give him more of a sense what you are about.

    • That maybe a formula to get to a second date but if the goal is a long-term relationship then politics and religion have to be discussed. I don't even date women who don't share my lack of religious beliefs and my generally liberal politics.

    • @slatyb
      Of course. Those issues will eventually have to addressed.


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  • Just be yourself. It may sound cheesy, but the guy obviously asked you out (or accepted an invitation) because of what he saw in you. Be sincere and you'll do fine.

  • classy, a little sexual but just enough to still be classy