Why guys? Why do you act like that?

So my crush started to act weird, he clings to me a lot, hugs me quite often and says things like "i love you honey" and stuff, he touches my hands and strokes them or plays with my hair, he looks at my face pretty often especially when i don't wear any makeup he stares non stop! He and a girlfriend of mine speaks to him in french pretty often she said something like "you'll be a couple one day i swear" and i acted like i didn't understood and he just stared at me without responding, he calls me everyday and we talk on the phone for hours sometimes what does this mean i can't take him serious since he's clingy with a lot of girls but the most with me and he's just around popular people and he's handsome as well, I'm not really popular but I'm that kind of girl every guy looks at or would bang but I'm not popular because i don't really like to hangout with popular students they're not really my "type" to be around with just a few, so what does that mean he could get any girl i don't know anymore, could you help me out?


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  • Maybe he wants to have sex?