She doesn't answer my text, do I annoy her?

This girl gave me her number without me asking and told me to text her so I did we talked for a while but won't answer my text any more does she like me because she gave me her number or because she doesn't answer my text do I annoy her

She does text me but then in the middle of a chat she will just stop but when I text her no answer


Most Helpful Girl

  • That's weird. I don't know why she would do this.

    She might be making up her mind whether she likes you. Or maybe she backs off when she is afraid that things are moving too fast. Or she might like the attention you are giving her, but not be that into you. Or she might just not have great social skills! It could be that someone interrupts her when she is texting you and she doesn't realize that it's ride not to tell you she has to go.

    When she does this, don't keep texting her. If she won't answer, don't contact her until she contacts you. This way, you are showing her that you won't chase her and that you have better things to do than wait for her to text back. If she thinks she can treat you rudely, then she will lose respect for you and keep doing it.

    If it turns out that she does still like you, then I would say something to her one day. Tell her that you have often wondered why she suddenly bails in the middle of a text conversation. Tell her that you would like it if she could warn you when she is about to leave in future. Good luck.