My boyfriend's girl friend died. Am I just over reacting?

i feel like he's just usuing me as like his rebound girl his gf got in to an accsident 2 years ago she had the same name as me supposetly she was just like me i feel like im just a rebound type of girl for him I don't know am i just over reacting?

  • he's just using u as his rebound girl
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  • he actually loves u and your just over reacting
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  • It's strange you are referring to your boyfriends ex girlfriend as his girlfriend.
    You are his girl !
    This happened 2 years ago.

    He can't replace someone he lost.
    So, don't think you are there to fill someone else's shoes.
    If someone was great to you... it's only natural to be reminded of that person.
    The fact that you have the same name is coincidental.


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What Guys Said 4

  • Two years should be enough time to grieve and put closure to her loss. While the similarities ( name ) are there it doesn't make you any more than a GF

  • I think he actually really cares about you. Its so terrible that happened to him and his gf. That kind tragedy could have easily sent him into a bnottomless depression. I'm glad he can still date, and that he found someone like you.
    No, I don't think you are his rebound.

  • is it really a concern since he is with you

  • I think it's been too long to be a rebound


What Girls Said 2

  • Are you saying she's just like you because he's told you that? I don't want to jump to conclusions because it seems like there is a lot more to this story. I don't think your hunch is wrong, but it does no good to get worked up over it until you have an answer and have talked out this situation.

    If she has the same name as you that's a little weird, also the fact that she's very similar to you. I'm guessing In personality? Looks? That's also very strange. Maybe he hasn't really deal with his ex girlfriends death, if he's looking to find parts of her in other people. I think it's up to you to choose how you feel about it, it would really suck to be genuine to someone who only/subconsciously liked you because you remind them of their dead ex.

  • That sounds kind of creepy the fact that his deceased girlfriend has the same name as you.

    • its true though cause like his friends told me