How should i deal with it?

So this guy and me are together and there is this girl who really likes him. She is his friend long before than me. Now my guy tells me how mad she is. She is updating status for him like crazy and my guy tells me its not his fault or its not for him. Yesterday he got angry on me and said the status is NOT for him. I feel it is. What the bloody hell should I do.


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  • You're letting your relationship revolve around a girl that has nothing to do with it.

    If you keep down this path , your relationship will fail because of her. She would have gotten what she wanted.

    Do you want that?
    Focus on your relationship and don't worry about her.
    Feelings are something you can get over.
    Creating damage in your own relationship at times is un-repairable.
    Be smarter, don't let that be you !


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  • Don't do anything let him tackle with it!


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