Girls, is there any specific way you want a to approach you?

What about just straight up honesty. A guys says your attractive and you seem like interesting person based on how you carry yourself. Is this a good way. Or do I have to try some kind attention getting plan. Like jokes, flirting, or being subtle.


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  • Straight up honesty, jokes, flirting, and etc are good ways. But, if you're straight up honest I personally might date you. I dont really reject. I find it flattering if a person actually likes me. Lol.

    • I feel the same way. But I've never had a girlfriend or any type of compliments. I feel like the first girl to do so that is mildly attractive I would date.

    • Haha, I never have either. But, try telling her how you feel. Me personally, I dont kniw if any other girl is like this but, I would want straight up honesty and a joke. I find guys with amazing humor and thats funny attractive.


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  • Just having a nice conversation, if you are straight forward and honest thats awesome it always makes us feel good. Its huge if you can make a girl laugh, thats honestly the way to my heart aha just being playful and light hearted is the best! Be yourself!

  • I like it when a guy is natural, being himself, no matter how weird he might be (or not). I don't like fake people, so I would just like him to be open and honest, direct. I don't believe in pick-up lines and flirting, so it would be the best if it all looked spontaneous and natural.

    • Very good I hope a lot of girls feel the same.

  • be yourself. i know that sounds SO corny but, think of it as wouldn't you wanna know if someone's right for you and they like you for who you really are?

    of course first few dates you're gonna be a more embellished version of yourself, but don't completely change yourself.