My boyfriend won't take pictures with me?

So, every time I try to take a cute picture (or any picture in general) he won't acknowledge me. He's even said that he thinks we should have pictures together (about the first month of the relationship) but whenever I try he won't do it. It's been 6 months and we still don't have any pictures together, at least not with him looking at the camera (or me) I know he has taken pictures with his exes because I have seen them (yet he denies it) what is the deal here? I'm starting to feel like he doesn't want people to see us together on social media.


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  • there may be someone in his past that he does not want to see it.

  • High chance he doesn't want someone / people to know he's now off the market. if being with him makes you happy then there shouldn't be anything wrong with wanting to save that moment so you can see the both of you together on your phone when he's not around.


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