First kiss with dating? how to initiate it?

okay so this guy and I had one date so far, and we see each other at school, but we haven't kissed yet. and we are both going to a Halloween together as dates, and I think it would be a perfect time to kiss him.

i just need a little help with initiating it, like how to get him alone? or whatever, just does anyone have any advice?


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  • 1. Don't have to be alone.

    2. Just get some gum (either from trick or treating or something) and give him some.Look him stright in the eyes and say "well we wouldn't want this gum to go to waste, would we?" Lean in a little bit as a sign that its ok, and if he's not a complete dumbass, he should take the hint.


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  • WELL.. I honestly would make an excuse to get away from everyone. ill just say for example itz a little to hot and crowded in here lets go outside for a while to get sum fresh air or how ever you wanna say it. once you guys are outside or in another room. SIT DOWN so you both can b confortable and start talkin maybe you can say itz cool that we went together today you know etc if he respondes itz ok or yea in a casual way maybe you sudnt kiss him because datz a sign that he is not that into you but if he's sweet wit you get close to him and if he gets closer EVEN BETTER talk to him anything sensitive or nice and constantly look at hiz lips not stare at em tho and if you feel a strong connection or feelin what he's sayin to you GO 4 IT once ur done give a little smerk not a huge smile and go bak to the party dnt kiss him again! leave him wantin more he'll find you interestin and slightly myterious :) plus the whole playin hard to get is a turn on for most guyz