Girls, whats your Honest opinion on this?

Why do females care what a guy looks IF they know nothing will spark? Is it control? If a guy freely chooses not to dress like how females want to then why shouldn't he? Wouldn't it be better to let people dress how they want rather forcing them to act in a certain way like sheep? The reason i ask this is because i can't grasp the simple idea of WHY i should be wasting my time impressing a girl for her own selfish reasons when i could better myself for me?


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  • Because some women think that it's embarrassing for someone to dress like that.

    Of course a guy can dress however he wants to--if he wants to wear a dress, he's free to. I might even hang out with him.

    But I wouldn't ever DATE a guy like, because I don't want to be seen out in public with someone like that in a relationship. It's not for outward appearances---it's embarrassing TO ME.

    You should go ahead and work on yourself while never changing for any woman. No woman is worth it.


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  • Do what you want.

    • Nice but then again some gils won't leave you alone until you conform but f them

  • sorry i dont really get the question... you're trying to impress someone?