How to tell if a woman is lesbian?

I'm a pansexual, but I've only dated guys. I want my next relationship to be with a woman, but I don't really know how to tell which ladies would be interested. Any tips?


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  • My gaydar is permanently in need of repair... I have quite a hard time differentiating the gay girlies from the straight ones unfortunately... But I guess that's because we don't all fit stupid stereotypes :) Sometimes you just get a vibe or a feel about a woman... sometimes it might be more obvious, which is where some stereotypes will come in. My usual ploy is, if I can't imagine her with a man, it's usually for a reason. Vague I know.. Probably why I have such crappy luck with the ladies lol.


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  • The easiest way would be to go to a bar or use a dating website aimed at gay women. Seems more reliable than trying to hit on women you guess are into girls.


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  • I guess let an actual lesbian seek you out or go to a gay bar.