Girls, how would you react if a guy went up to you?

I want to know what to expect if I go up to this random girl and tried to meet her? What are some dos and donts to get her number or small coffee date


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  • Try Hi/Hello, and some basic small talk (like weather), if she adds to the conversation besides the bare minimum or smiles and laughs a lot you could probably slide in the small coffee date purposal.

    If you know you'll see her again, cause you seen her frequent the area you want to approach her at. Try the Hi/Hello and/or small talk every time you see her in that same area and if each meeting seems she is more into it, then ask for the small coffee date.

  • Don't be pushy or forceful. Make it known that you think she's very attractive and that you want to get to know her better. Ask her out on a small date. If she grabs the bait, your in. But if she's hesitant, slowly ween off. Honestly, key to getting any girl, make her laugh. Crack jokes. Comment on her smile or eyes. But definitely do everything possible to make her laugh.