I met a cute guy last night and we hit it off but he hasn't called me back?

Well yesterday was Halloween and my friend and I were dressed slutty for the holiday and we trick or treating. While we were trick or treating we walked past a couple of guys who called us to come back. We walked back and a guy stepped up to us who was really cute flirting with both of us at the same time. We both were in love with his looks and got his number. He told us we would meet up later and we said ok. A couple of minutes after, I pulled out my phone to txt him and (desperately) my friend did the same thing. He said I was cute but he was talking to my friend at the same time. We eventually met back up and talked and had a great time. He gave us both like 10 hugs each and left. I was expecting a call or text today( the next day) and I haven't got anything? What does that mean? Should I text him in a couple of days if he doesn't text me? There is a slight age difference but I don't think he cared. And is he a player for trying to hit on my friend at the exact same time as me?


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  • He is a player. Forget him.

  • probably busy, he might call you, don't send him a text or call him. if he wants to call he will if not you didn't miss much =/ if you want to have fun go for it because yeah girl he's a player!