Why does age sometimes matter?

what if a girl is really into a guy, then she finds out guy is 5 years older then gets weirded out and suddenly says we should b friends instead? and gets all distant after she finds out...whats up with that?


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  • I really don't know. My husband is 6 years older than me and when we started dating I was actually relieved to have an older guy lol.

    The only thing I can think of is that because your older, you are more ready for a life long commitment and she isn't. Also it can be peer pressure to date only your age. I know when I told a few friends I was dating a 24 year old when I was 18, they didn't exactly say "Oh I wanna meet him!". And of course I got the run down from my parents that he just wanted sex and blah blah blah. Now I think they like him more than me ;)


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  • well id she is in your age bracket she should grow the f up. seriously 5 years is jack all. it isn't primary school. if she can't look past yoru age and see you for who you are she isn't worth it. age only matters when a person is too short sighted and only judges another based on the societal view of what is 'right' also they are too short sighted to see what a person has to offer. no big up for her. mate, move on. she isn't worth it.

  • Well for me is not an issue but if he is more than 13 years older than me then that matters. I like a guy that is 28 years old and I'm 18 years old and we still like each other. It sometimes depends how old she is too if she is younger than 18 years of age then that's a problem because that's illegal.

  • Why age matters really is because if a person is 13 and my boyfriend would be 18:

    1. It would basically be illegal.

    2. He could push me to do things, like the only interest of an 18 year old boy- sex.

    But if you're 25 and the girl is 20, that's perfectly normal.

    During teenage years, we're not really able to make descisions for ourselves, and sometimes it might turn fatal.

    But as long as you and the girl are over 20, I don't think it matters.

    So right now, I wouldn't go farer than 2 years older.

  • I don't I love talking to older guys.


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  • "then she finds out guy is 5 years older"

    She had to find it out?

    Because you didn't tell her your age or you lied about it?

    Reason enough to weird out. She's thinking with her brains. Better than d***thinking

    She's 13 to 19, at that age 5 years is quite a big difference. Get off her back and try f***ing up girls your age or older. Yeah, it won't be as easy as preying on young teens.