Anyone dated a person with mental illness?

Hi I'm in a serious relationship, but I'm very worried, as my partner showing symptom of split personality. her blank out, and his "other" come out swearing at me, saying how gorgeous another girl is, it cuts me up. As I feel second best, I do suffer from a slight case of borderline personality disorder. where I'm very insecure. and now I feel worse. like my whole world blown up. I don't know weather to stay, as I'm in love with him. or should I leave?

I really need advice. why do I feel so destroyed? so broken? I wish he had eyes for me ...dunno...please help...


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  • He needs to seek professional help.


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  • Seems to me like he needs to seek proffesional help and if you do love him will try and ride this out with him as far as possible and do as much as you can (with a profeesional helping) and get him back to normal.


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  • i think if you want to stay with him he should go see a doctor. and sorry to break this to you but men can love you but they will still look at other girls but not want to do things with them. they just look... but yeah if you love him go see a doctor =]

    • Thank you...but he told the girl she was georguse ....infrount of me....but it was his still hurt sooooo bad...

    • I know how you feel this guy I dated did stuff like that all the time because his illness was that he couldn't read situations. so she got mad and stompped off I got mad and went back to his house cried in his room and his mom got mad and he still didn't understand what was wrong. some people are just weird like tghat. but for sure go see a doctor for him.